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Emotional Hip-Hop

Its elemental... indie is the way to go

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This is a community to discuss, promote, and share indie hip-hop, intelligent hip-hop, emotional hip-hop, and experimental hip-hop. Share songs, lyrics, opinions, show dates, links, pictures, and love for the movement.
1200, 1200 hobos, abolitionists project, aceyalone, aesop rock, alias music, alien communication, alien technology, ann arbor, ant, anticon, atmosphere, bass, beastie boys, beat juggling, break beats, buck 65, cleveland, clouddead, columbus, comic books, company flow, crate digging, crossfaders, cut chemist, deck, deep puddle dynamics, def jux, del, deltron, detroit, detroit hip-hop, dialated peoples, diy hip-hop, dj alf1, dj babu, dj deck, dj premier, dj q-bert, dj shadow, dj virus, dose 1, dubphonics, dynospectrum, el-p, eminem, emo hip-hop, emotional hip-hop, empyre, empyre ramirex, experimental, experimental hip-hop, eyedea, eyedea and abilities, fel, galactic dust, galactic dust records, graffiti, hacking, headshots, heiroglyphics, heiruspecs, hitting the bins, indie hip-hop, intelligent girls, intelligent hip-hop, intelligent women, intricate dialect, invisbl skratch piklz, jurassic 5, kalamazoo, kevin smith, kid koala, kool keith, krylon, lansing, majestic legend, mc 900 ft jesus, mc invincible, michigan, michigan hip-hop, mixwell, montana paints, mpc2000, mr. dibbs, mr. lif, nick speed, ninjatune, nyc, oddjobs, onemanarmy, paradime, pro tools, ps2, resident evil, rob swift, roc raida, run dmc, s.u.n., sad clown bad dub, sage francis, sample the martian, sane, scratch, scratch music, scribble jam, sehv, sick graffiti, sixtoo, skateboards, slug, sole, souls of mischief, spitball, ssx, st33lo, stanton, subterraneous, suisse modular, sure, switch stance, technics, the blind pig, the grand devious, the opus project, the roots, themselves, tony hawk, transformers, tribe called quest, turn tables, turntables, turntablism, turtl, twin cities, video games, vinyl, warped tour, warped tour hip-hop, waterworld, wax, wordplay, x-ecutioners